KWH House Pick: Muriel Rukeyser

Posted on April 16, 2012


In honor of National Poetry Month, we’ll be bringing you ‘House Picks,’ featuring poets most read as contributors’ ‘best-loved’ selection.

This week we are celebrating Muriel Rukeyser, a patron saint of this project, whose work we recalled often while traveling around this country to record and while constructing our ‘map of voices.’ The fact that so many contributors read Muriel reaffirms what a great of bunch of poets we had the good fortune of bumping into on the road. We will be reposted these audio links throughout the week with contributor commentary on why it is important to read Muriel Rukeyser.

With gratitude, KWH reads Muriel Rukeyser:

The Road by Muriel Rukeyser read by Nicole Cooley of New York, NY and New Orleans, LA

Waiting for Icarus by Muriel Rukeyser read by Rachel Eliza Griffiths of Brooklyn, NY

Islands by Muriel Rukeyser read by Jan Heller Levi of New York, NY

The Road by Muriel Rukeyser read by Jan Heller Levi of New York, NY

Poem by Muriel Rukeyser read by Beth Marzoni of Kalamazoo, MI