KWH Pick of the Week: “O Pony of South Derbigny O Leaping Yellow” by Carolyn Hembree, Chosen by Casey Patrick

Posted on July 30, 2012


Knox Writers’ House Contributor’s Pick of the Week 7/30/2012

O Pony of South Derbigny O Leaping Yellow by Carolyn Hembree in New Orleans, LA

Chosen by Casey Patrick in Galesburg, IL who says:

Such a recent and well-documented event as Hurricane Katrina is hard to write about, but Carolyn Hembree’s poem captures the intensity of the disaster through unflinching language that repeats without being repetitive. We are riding out the storm in this poem, we are counting the bodies. We are plunged underwater, we are not spared the sight of “those under sheets their feet jerking.” The refrain “pony of South Derbigny” is unrelenting, and we start to anticipate it, even as we flinch each time it comes. The poem is the storm, its momentum fierce and insistent, and we are left breathless by the end: nothing more can be said.

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