KWH Pick of the Week: “The Black Forest” by Christopher Deweese, Chosen by Abraham Smith

Posted on August 13, 2012


Knox Writers’ House Contributor’s Pick of the Week 8/13/2012

The Black Forest by Christopher Deweese in Atlanta, GA

Chosen by Abraham Smith in Tuscaloosa, AL who says:

i am enamored of the kinetics horsing along here in the short lines.
the poem clips.  & sizzles.  the poem is dangerous.  the poem looms, lingers, considers.
the poem is a hanger jammed again & again in towards the ignition where sleep the shimmering keys. the poem goes & richly.  the poem’s
an emergency.  you feel the poem’s elbow friend your rib; says the poem,
hey listen you.  which is to say the lip of the poem is there for
all: it’s a goodly 1 as per the personals.  yet for all that’s familiar,
i note that other excellency of sweet poetry: vertigo, delicious vertigo.
“into a genealogy of wind”, writes deweese: amen, let’s foot in y’all an verse family.

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