KWH Pick of the Week: “Chicken” by D.A. Powell, Chosen by Brad Richard

Posted on August 20, 2012


Knox Writers’ House Contributor’s Pick of the Week 8/20/2012

Chicken by D.A. Powell in San Francisco,  CA

Chosen by Brad Richard in New Orleans, LA who says:

Wow, there are too many great readings from which to choose just one. I have a terrible crush on Heather Christle’s poems. BJ Hollar’s stories are delights, and I think J. Robert Lennon is terribly under-recognized as one of the masters of the very short story. I could go on, and I haven’t even listened to everything yet–the KWH trove is amazing. 

D.A. Powell’s “Chicken” is one of my favorites from Useless Landscape, and his reading here beautifully, movingly renders the poem’s power. In fact, I might have chosen this one simply as a lesson in how to recite a poem. Powell lets us feel and follow every torque and turn of his syntax, every shift in the poem’s music. His phrasing–just slightly understated–becomes unnervingly compelling as the poem opens one dark surprise after another inside us. A masterful poem, masterfully and hauntingly performed.

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