KWH Pick of the Week: “Cherry Blossoms Blowing in Wet, Blowing Snow” by James Galvin, Chosen by James Arthur

Posted on December 10, 2012


Knox Writers’ House Contributor’s Pick of the Week 12/10/2012

Cherry Blossoms Blowing in Wet, Blowing Snow by James Galvin in Iowa City, IA

Chosen by James Arthur in Princeton, NJ who says:

This poem, “Cherry Blossoms Blowing in Wet, Blowing Snow,” by James Galvin, has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I find Galvin’s use of anaphora very graceful. That “in,” coming again and again, drives the poem forward and unifies it, but Galvin’s phrases vary in length and syntax, so the repetition never becomes repetitive. And for me, the poem’s structure perfectly complements the image of white blossoms falling in white snow, being erased and erasing everything. Most importantly, “Cherry Blossoms Blowing in Wet, Blowing Snow,” moves me. That’s what I really want from a poem.


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