KWH Pick of the Week: the inside of an apple By Joshua Beckman, Chosen by John Colburn

Posted on February 18, 2013


Knox Writers’ House Contributor’s Pick of the Week 2/18/2013

the inside of an apple by Joshua Beckman in Brooklyn, NY

Chosen by John Colburn in Minneapolis/ St. Paul  who says:

Once Joshua Beckman read poems to me inside an actual igloo, in Minneapolis, MN. It was a lot like being inside a large cold apple. Let me tell you this straight out – at that time and probably now Joshua was what some people would call a hippie, which I love. A genuine barefoot-on-stage, bandana-wearing hippie, who never said but seemed to imply “let’s try to love each other because it’s the best tool we have against being overtaken by chaos.” I picked this poem for you and it was like picking an apple – legendary fruit of knowledge. Inside the poem about inside the apple I find a thrilling generosity. And also I just want you to hear Joshua’s lovely voice. It makes me feel that my best destiny may actually be to pursue momentary follies until they reveal their fullest connection to Eros. And it makes me want to pay attention in the kindest way to your follies too. It’s the kind of generosity that assumes we can apply our sympathetic imaginations to anything around us, and what we find is love: that in the end, there’s only poetry. Enjoy. 


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