The Knox Writers’ House: A Map of Voices

The Knox Writers’ House blog is a companion to where we will post news, content updates and the Knox Writers’ House Contributor’s Pick of the Week. This is where we ask a writer we recorded to choose any single  audio file from the site. The contributor has the option of writing a little paragraph about their choice, writing something in response to or in the style of their choice or just sending the link out naked and saying Listen!  We’re going to post Pick of the Week on the Writers’ House facebook page, our Twitter feed, and this blog. The blog will serve as a repository for each Pick and what the writer picking had to say.

We are planning on using the Pick of the Week to build our itunes downloadable podcast series. Our little map has had us thinking a lot about the idea of kinship. We found a near universal literary kinship in the communal passing of awe through word. It can be traced by geography, by tradition, between teachers and students, and from generation to generation.

If you are KWH contributor and would like to choose something, email us at

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